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Anger Issues

Anger is a natural human emotion like happiness, sadness and fear, and for most people it stays within a safe and healthy range.  All of us will probably have experienced anger at some point in our life and to varying degrees. For some people though, we start to experience frequent and intense episodes of anger, these can seriously interfere with everyday life and lead to destructive behaviour.
It is vitally important the we get help to understand anger and get the right help to start managing it in order to make a huge and lasting difference. A recent UK-based YouGov survey revealed that most people believe that as a nation, we are getting angrier. More than one in 10 people say they have trouble controlling their anger, but of these people fewer than one in seven admit to seeking help for their problems. This may mean that anger, in the general population, is severely under-managed and as a result may have detrimental effects on family, work and overall well-being, for many people.
When you get angry you can feel a wide range of emotions and these have a direct physiological impact on the rest of your body. Your heart starts to beat faster; your blood pressure and temperature rise, your breathing rate increases, and you sweat more. Hypnotherapy anger management can help you understand your anger, deal with the issues surfacing and the root causes.  Sara can help to remove the anger response and allow you to rationalise what you are experiencing and learn to deal with things in a calm and collected way.  


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