Hypnotherapy Leicestershire

Bad Habits

We all probably have some bad habits but for some of us these habits become something that we can not control and they start to take over our lives.  Are you struggling with gambling and is it out of control, are you drinking too much and becoming an excessive drinker or even an alcoholic?  Do you bite your nails and can not seem to stop or pull your hair, or maybe your bad habit is stuttering or stammering? All of these can be successfully helped with hypnotherapy. There are far too many habits to list all of them but even if yours has not been mentioned do not be disheartened, Sara can help, having thousands of clinical hours of experience, spanning over 18 years.

There are many things that we now know have been shown to be addictive.  These can range from some of the most well known addictions such as drugs, coffee and sex, to pain killers, prescription medication and computer gaming.  Today there is now more research into other addictions such as cola drinks, steroids and shopping.

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