Hypnotherapy Leicestershire


Hypnotherapy helps to treat many different issues from stress, anxiety, phobias and fears to confidence building, blushing, giving up smoking, losing weight and much more.  It works by accessing  our unconscious minds where all our emotions and behaviours are stored.  Unlike other forms of therapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy often works rapidly to help you make changes, as you are harnessing the most powerful parts of your mind to bring about change.

Through hypnosis a deep state of relaxation is induced, during which our unconscious minds become highly receptive to new or alternative perspectives and ideas. The reason why hypnosis is so effective lies in the power of our unconscious minds, which store all our memories, beliefs, habits and behaviours that have developed since birth. A primary concern of our unconscious minds is to keep us safe, well and happy. Through socialisation from birth we learn many of our behaviours and beliefs by observing and modelling others in our environment. Many of these behaviours are vitally necessary for us to lead our lives but some may become unhelpful. Our unconscious minds usually provide us with useful information to help us respond in the most helpful and resourceful manner.  At times our minds can store negative behaviours which can become problematic for us later in life.  

  • Being shielded from emotions when young may be seen as helpful to the child but may lead to issues in adult life such as an inability to deal with and becoming overwhelmed by emotions.
  • Protection from risks as a child, if excessive, may lead to timidity, phobias and over anxiety.
  • Limited social contact in our early years can lead to reduced levels of confidence and social unease which may produce avoidance of social situations altogether.

Our unconscious minds are not easily controlled because they operate using an automatic response mechanism. If you think for a moment about driving a car – a learnt behaviour that once practised no longer requires our thoughts and can be accessed as and when we need it.  When applying this principle to an addiction, phobia or anxiety response you can start to get the picture – to change any of these unhelpful responses for the better we need to tackle our learnt behaviours.  The information stored in our unconscious needs to be changed, or we need to provide the unconscious with alternative and helpful information. Through hypnosis the client and therapist can agree on which behaviours need challenging in the unconscious and work together to change these unhelpful habits and behaviours.

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