Hypnotherapy Leicestershire


Free consultation

You can come and meet Sara in person and chat through your individual issues, she will advise you of the number of treatments that you may need.  Also Sara will explain in more detail how things will work and how you are likely to feel in the sessions.


How many sessions will it take?

This will depend on the problem or issue being treated. The stop smoking therapy only takes one session, whereas more complex habits or problems may take four to six sessions. Sara will discuss this with you at the initial session or during your free consultation.


First Session Cost £100 including full access to the MindHealth App for iPhone & Android

1 hour in person session £80

1 hour Zoom session £80

Stop Smoking including free access to the MindHealth App £110

2 Hour Intensive Stop Smoking with free access to the MindHealth App £190



All Major Credit Cards Accepted