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I have been a specialist since 1994, with a Degree and Masters in Psychology, I have gained over 50,000 hours of clinical experience in helping people to understand how their minds work and make profound life changes. Over the last ten years, I have seen a massive increase in children seeking help and at present, my workload is about 15-20% of children and young people and this figure continues to grow.

I am also an Educational Author, working in schools and childcare settings, teaching the teachers how to understand and deal with anxiety in the classroom and to use the books and all the extra support I offer, to help children deal with their anxiety. Here I run CPD events and each new book brings more knowledge and tools to help teachers and parents deal with childhood anxiety. For more information on my services, please view the website.

There is no age limit to anxiety and often young people find it much harder to understand the inner workings of their thoughts and emotions. This is why I started to adapt my work to truly allow children to understand how they are feeling and find ways for them to let go of anxiety and make positive changes. This is what led to my 'Don't Feed the Cat' book series which helps children to deal with anxiety at the cat stage, so they don't have to face the lion and let their anxiety get really out of hand.

You can buy 'Don't Feed the Cat', 'The Cat Is Back' and 'The Cat Lives On' via amazon now.

I have also recently launched my latest book for children and adolescents - 'Dealing With Anxiety (The Kid's Guide)'. This book will help you to look at how you have been dealing with your anxiety and find new ways to break out of those worry cycles. Over time you can then learn how to live life in a calmer, happier way. 

This book covers topics such as: what is anxiety, how your mind works, positive mindsets, how does it make you feel, feeling scared, feeding the worries, calming comforts, avoidance and denial, how and when to ask for help.

Get your copy of 'Dealing With Anxiety (The Kid's Guide)' here.



Buy 'Don't Feed The Cat'


Buy 'The Cat Is Back'


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Buy 'Dealing With Anxiety - The Kid's Guide'