Hypnotherapy Leicestershire

Phobias & Fears

Over the years Sara has successfully treated all kinds of phobias including fear of spiders, needles, cats, lifts, dentists, flying and driving to name just a few. Treatment will leave you altogether more relaxed and confident in those specific situations where you used to be extremely anxious or panicky.

The reason why hypnotherapy is so successful in the treatment of phobias is because phobias reside in the unconscious part of our minds. Indeed, if you suffer with a phobia, you are probably conscious of its irrational nature, but are still unable to use your conscious mind to overcome it.

Because hypnotherapy can bypass our conscious mind and focus on retraining our unconsciousness, clients experience very real and significant change extremely quickly, leaving them far better equipped to cope with life.

We can develop phobias from childhood, we can learn these behaviours from our parents or their impact can just start to creep up on us and before we know it we are avoiding situations which would expose us to the fear.  The more we avoid the more fear we feel. Just a few sessions can help you get over your fears and phobias and allow you to live your life to the full.


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