Hypnotherapy Leicestershire

Emotional Issues

Our past and present are intrinsically connected and when emotional pain from the past is left unresolved that connection will persist into our future unless we intervene. Unresolved emotional issues from our past can, and do, affect our experience in the present. Negative feelings can linger long after the initial event that produced them. Feelings of fear or anxiety, for example, can 'hover' around our experience of life on a daily basis. Alternatively, they may sink below the surface only to be re-activated when an event occurs that 'echoes' a past upset.

Sometimes life just becomes very difficult and our emotions are just too overwhelming to cope with.  Hypnotherapy is great to help you deal with what is happening and teaches you to manage your emotional responses to life. 

Whether you have a particular upsetting issue to work with or just have this overwhelming sadness, hypnotherapy can assist you in releasing trapped emotions from your past.  This will allows healing and change to take place, and give room to build positive feelings and self-esteem to move forward, and enjoy a fulfilling future.  Sara has helped thousands of people deal with their emotional issues,  so can help you to come to terms with your emotions.


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