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Panic Attacks

Everybody gets anxious from time to time, this is perfectly normal, but when anxiety starts to strike more frequently or intensively then this is the time to seek treatment.  The feelings of anxiety can become crippling and can rule your whole way of life in order to avoid the anxiety producing situations. A panic attack is a sudden surge of anxiety, which is usually accompanied by physical and mental sensations such as breathlessness, nausea, palpitations and the urge to leave whatever situation or place the sufferer is in immediately.  Panic attacks are extreme cases of anxiety, and can cause immense distress for the individual.  If you have suffered a panic attack, then you will know only too well how terrifying they are and how limiting they can be on your life. Panic attacks can be the result of a phobic reaction or can occur totally out of the blue with the sufferer having no idea as to the cause of the attack. This unpredictability of the panic attacks 'trains' individuals to anticipate further attacks, leaving them fearing or avoiding any situation or place where the attacks have occurred previously.  Furthermore, the more panic attacks you have the more you become conditioned to them - so the earlier you seek help the better.
Hypnotherapy and EMDR are the most effective and quickest methods of overcoming panic as they make changes at the deepest part of your unconscious minds - where the panic behaviour lies, providing permanent relief from symptoms. Whilst some treatments, such as antidepressants, merely lesson the intensity of symptoms, hypnotherapy can uncover and resolve the cause of such attacks, successfully ridding the sufferer of the symptoms. The results of hypnotherapy are often fast and safe, they help you to learn to relax, removing those anxious feelings and the triggers which used to cause the stress response.  
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