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Traumatic Stress

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD)

Maybe you have been in a car accident, lost a loved one, witnessed a traumatic event,

returned from the war, been in a natural disaster, been attacked or anything which has deeply shocked you.  The effect of PTSD can range from causing minor but percipient discomfort, like a nightmare, to a debilitating range of symptoms which overwhelm us so we can not function.  There are many conceptual models within traditional psychotherapy which seek to understand the nature of PTSD. These models are helpful in describing and categorising the issues, but they are not so helpful in providing resolution to deeply held shock, emotion, fear and terror which is usually at the root of the presenting symptoms.


Often PTSD can cause anxiety and stress, this can lay dormant in our unconscious minds for months and often years.  Sometimes situations in our life can trigger these anxieties and bring them back to the surface as they have never been released but trapped in the unconscious. Hypnotherapy and EMDR can allow you to access your unconscious minds and help you come to terms with the trauma and allow this to be released from your mind and body. 

 In working with patients who are suffering from PTSD like symptoms, Sara uses powerful and fast techniques which reduce and remove the fear, anxiety and often the physical tension and pain as well. By working with the presenting symptoms Sara can find a path back to the old you and return a sense of calm and confidence into your life.  

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